Right Now in Horror

January 2023

Need an idea for what to watch? Here’s what’s available right now across six popular platforms.


Sea Fever (2020)
A PhD student accompanies reluctant fishermen to observe abnormal behavior in sea fauna, leading to a mysterious discovery in the deep. (Discussed here.)
Hulu / 😱😱

Death of Me (2020)
A vacationing couple awaken from blacking out after a wild night out to discover footage of them seemingly killing one another.
Netflix / 😱😱

Vivarium (2019)
A young couple becomes trapped in an idyllic but isolated neighborhood of identical homes after an open house tour gone wrong. (Discussed here.)
Amazon Prime / 😱😱

Deadstream (2022)
A clout-hungry internet personality struggling to make a comeback live streams his hilarious and horrifying experience in a haunted house. (Discussed here.)
Shudder / 😱😱

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
If you think horror movies made before this millennium aren’t scary, this cannibalistic slasher will change your mind like it changed horror history.
Tubi / 😱😱😱

Freaks (2018)
A little girl, locked away by her father from the dangerous outside world, escapes into the bizarre reality he’s tried to conceal her from.
Roku / 😱

Last Updated 1/9/23