Right Now in Horror

June 2023

Need an idea for what to watch? Here’s what’s available right to stream at home or see in theaters.


The Night (2020)
After their car’s GPS leaves them stranded, a couple gets trapped in an empty, surreal hotel plagued by bizarre occurrences.
Hulu / 😱😱

Eli (2019)
Eli, living with an illness so aggressive he’s confined to a spacesuit, grows suspicious of the ominous, ghostly facility where his parents send him in hopes of a cure.
Netflix / 😱

The Deep House (2021)
A YouTuber couple encounters a perfectly preserved mansion underwater, submerged by a devastating flood, but find it’s not eager to let them leave.
Paramount+ / 😱😱

Wildling (2018)
A heart-wrenching coming-of-age story of a teenage girl who discovers the supernatural truth about her father and herself.
Tubi / 😱

Green Room (2015)
Inadvertent witnesses to a murder, a band struggles to escape from a remote venue that’s revealed to be a Nazi punk bar.
Max (HBO) / 😱

The Boogeyman (2023)
A teenage girl who just lost her mother must fight off a demon preying on trauma to save her grief-stricken family.
Theaters / 😱😱

Last Updated 6/8/23